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Ceramics for daily use
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Ceramics for daily use


Production of ceramics for daily use because people demand for daily life, most people contact in daily life, which is the most familiar porcelain, such as tableware, tea set, coffee set, wine, food, etc.


(1) according to the classification of porcelain.Circulate on the market at present basically has daily fine porcelain, daily-use porcelain general, daily urn-shaped porcelain, bone porcelain, daily-use porcelain, exquisite glaze under (in) the color daily-used porcelain, daily-use ceramics, etc.

(2) the classification according to the flower surface decoration method.On the flower surface features can be divided into the glaze color, glair, under the glaze color, color glaze, color white porcelain, etc.

On the glaze color refers to the language on the glaze of product of pottery and porcelain decorative ceramic pigment, then through 700 ~ 850 of barbecuing products.For baking temperature reaches the melting temperature of the glaze, thus it did not sink into the glaze decorative pattern, only close to the surface of the glaze layer, the decorative pattern of lustre and glaze has the obvious difference.

Glair adornment method and glaze color is consistent, but the roast temperature than color glaze, reaches the melting temperature of the glaze of product of pottery and porcelain, ceramic pigment in the glaze melt into glaze, covered by the glaze layer after cooling, the luster of the decorative pattern consistent with glaze gloss.

Under the glaze color adornment is in the mud on the billet, theglazingAfter high temperature burning, this product as well as glair, decorative pattern is covered by the glaze layer, the luster of the decorative pattern consistent with glaze gloss.

Glaze porcelain is add a kind of high temperature in ceramic glaze color, make the product after firing glaze presents a particular color, such as yellow, blue, pea green color.

White porcelain usually refers to without any pottery and porcelain enamel.

Different ways of decorative bring different adornment effect, glaze color products decorative effect on bright colors, rich and colorful, glair products and glaze color is compared commonly simple but elegant, the degree of gorgeous color glaze colors than products, consumers can choose according to his be fond of products of different adornment method.

Important indicator

 (a) the dissolubility of lead and cadmium dissolution amount

Ceramics for daily use products involving human health index is mainly the dissolubility of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium.Glair products, under the glaze color, glaze porcelain, white porcelain the dissolubility of lead, cadmium dissolution quantity little or almost no, the vast majority of glaze color products on the dissolubility of lead, cadmium dissolution quantity is low, the control of the national standard range.On a handful of glaze color used inferior paint products, or in the flower face design for high lead, cadmium pigments dosage is too large, or roast burning temperature, ventilated condition is not enough, the dissolubility of lead and cadmium dissolution quantity will be more than the national standard of the allowable limit.

(2) microwave adaptability, adaptability to the microwave oven, refrigerator fridge to the oven

The index is GB/T 3532-3532 "daily-used porcelain" new and consumer use daily ceramic products closely related indicators, is that the product is suitable for use in the microwave oven, oven characteristic index.

Due to the ceramic products have certain water imbibition, use of cleaning products in the process of billet after inhaled some moisture, moisture in the microwave oven, oven used in the process of gasification may cause cracking or breakage of the product.Rare product may by water gasification too fast, the water vapor can't escape through the product without glaze, causing the crack in the microwave oven, oven.

(3) the water absorption and thermal shock resistance

Bibulous rate is showed that the density degree of product of pottery and porcelain firing characteristic index, water absorption index is divided into ceramic porcelain, bibulous rate is 0.5%, 1.0% and 5.0% of pottery and porcelain, fine porcelain, general porcelain, stoneware, respectively, bibulous rate is 10% for pottery.In general, the smaller the bibulous rate of products, its service life longer.

Thermal shock resistance is showed that ceramic products against outside temperature crack of dramatic change from time to time don't or without damage ability characteristic index, it is important to the use of performance indicators.Contact in the process of ceramic products used for heating food, poor thermal shock resistance of products under the action of thermal shock will cause cracking or breakage, the strength of the product is low, the possible broken food, cause harm to human body.

Advantages disadvantages

Daily-use porcelain long for the broad masses of the people and use, because it has the following advantages:

First, easy to wash and clean.Porcelain glaze bright, delicate, easy to wash after using contamination.

Second, better thermal stability, heat transfer is slow.Day meal has suffered a certain temperature difference of heat quench the performance of the change is not easy to crack.That it is superior than the glass, it is a poor conductor of heat, heat transfer is slow.Used for holding water or hot food, take not too hot.

Third, stable chemical properties and durability.Than the metal products, such as bronze, iron, aluminum, etc to superior, the porcelain has a certain acid, alkali, salt and the atmosphere of carbon dioxide gas erosion ability, not easy to react with the material, not rust.

Fourth, China few pores, bibulous rate is low.With daily-used porcelain, food storage, sealed tight, can prevent moisture evaporation, seepage and outside bacteria in food.

Fifth, rich and colorful decoration, especially high temperature glazes and blue-and-white decoration such as no harm of lead poisoning, but bold use, is very popular with people.

Daily-use porcelain, of course, also have a fly in the ointment.Biggest weakness impact strength is low, not resistant to fall touch, easy to damage, is a fragile.In addition, generally speaking, it is not suitable for flame that burns for cookware, some still is not resistant to cooking.

Buying guide

(a) the appearance quality of the product

Consumers in the first place to view the product packing or documents indicated in the product name and grade;Secondly the actual quality of the product, and through naked eye surface have no obvious defect when the choose and buy should choose as far as possible, ceramic structured products.Plate, bowl, a few specifications of the same size products can be stacked together, observe the distance between each other, distance is not divide evenly, shape irregular, large deformation.For a single product can be flat or negative buckle on the glass plate, look to whether accord with glass, to determine the size of deformation.For ceramic products, can be in your hands, fingers tapping along the mouth, if they give voice hoarse, shows that internal crack exists.

 (2) the dissolubility of lead, cadmium dissolution amount of preliminary judgment

Glair, under the glaze color product the dissolubility of lead, cadmium dissolution quantity little or almost no, can rest assured the choose and buy.

Glaze color products should be according to the different purpose on the choose and buy, in order to reduce the dissolubility of lead, cadmium dissolution quantity, can adopt the following methods:

1, used for holding the acidic food utensils, should try to choose decorative pattern is less the surface of the products.

2, when the choose and buy should pay attention to design color is light, if not light, may be baking temperature when the flowers do not meet the requirements, such products the dissolubility of lead cadmium dissolution and/or quantity is often high.

3, pay special attention to those who use hand to wipe the design product, this product is often the dissolubility of lead cadmium dissolution and/or high levels.

4, the product is not assured, usable vinegar soak for a few hours, if found abandoned in the color should have obvious change.

Matters needing attention

1, the product could be used in microwave oven, oven, dishwasher, should choose and marked "microwave oven used, oven, dishwasher for" the word of the product.

2, to use products, such as catering, appropriate chooses edge thicker with arc shape to strengthen the edge of the products, such products in use is not easy to damage.

3, suggest not to use the existing crack products, lower the strength of this kind of product, the possible broken food, cause the harm of human body, and as a result of the existence of cracks, in use process can shelter evil people and practices and not easy to clean, can cause bacteria breeding, affect human body health.

4, to the marked for decorative products, can not be used in food, such products the dissolubility of lead, cadmium is not controlled by the standard limit.

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